Blade of Kiaransalee


Kiaransalee was a cruel, twisted and vengeful deity. The Lady of the Dead became insane ages ago; however, she managed to keep her cunning and she could still clearly remember every slight or insult towards her, whether it was real or imagined. Kiaransalee was swift to anger, powerful, and against all who have wronged her she plotted a dark revenge.

During the Silence of Lolth, Kiaransalee received a massive influx of worshipers that elevated her from the rank of demigod to Lesser deity.

After the silence ended, Kiaransalee joined the sava game between Lolth and Eilistraee as a 3rd party faction. In order to have a one-on-one fight with Lolth, she dedicated her moves towards eliminating Eilistraee from the game. In the end though, she was defeated by Eilistraee’s wizard piece, Q’arlynd Melarn in a High Magic ritual that wiped her name from the minds of all mortals and gods, even Kiaransalee herself. Without worshipers she instantaneously faded from existence along with her demiplane.

Saggaroth, Draconic for Vengeance, is the sword she had at her side when she was wiped from existance. Within it dwells the last of Kiarsalee’s essence… the last of her cruelty, hatred and spite.



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