+1 Greatsword


Aeche constructed this sword from the remains of an Ankheg that had some over developed mandibles, this one being from the left mandible. It’s abilities include:

-When the sword is stabbed into the ground, you gain tremorsense out to 60ft. It takes an action to remove the sword from the ground.

-Using the sword to dig gives you a dig speed of 5ft per round.

There is also an unfortunate setback that was not able to be removed during the construction. Whenever the sword is used, it develops a stench. For this reason, Aeche has crafted a matching scabbard that he lines with peppermint oil to help neutralize the smell. When you use the sword, roll 1d4. The sword smells bad for that many hours. The smell is eliminated whenever it is in the scabbard, but it will smell again when removed if the 1d4 hours have not yet expired.

-It is also treated as a +1 Greatsword.




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