Quests of Toril

Session 4 & 5 Summary

The group gets an official summons from the Waterdeep Guards

  • We need to go to the guard HQ in the castle ward and meet with Cpt Kaylaes
  • Cpt Kayleas wants to support the Word Bearers to bring back a more non-barbaric goblin tribe. From there waterdeep would hop to open trade routes to Icewind Dale with the help of these freindly goblins. Currently the northern trade routes are very dangerous.
    • The group is required by oath to find all the pieces to the Ashen crown and give them to the goblins in order to help them create their tribe including Ashurta’s Blade.
    • Vegakin Dawncaller Katho-Oliano & Eesha Narset do not take the Oath to the guards of Waterdeep not allowing themselves to put anything above their on religious oaths. However, they still agree to participate on the Quest outside of the waterdeep Oath.

The Group meets w/ proffesor Gyd at the university studying Ushurta’s blade

  • At Gyd’s apt there are 2 elves (1 guy 1 Gal), Lady Dane Olane & her servant Janus.
  • The Elves are interested in the Ashen crown & it’s link to Elven history. They explain that the ashen crown was originally a elven artifact from the Dekani Empire until the goblins added a 6th piece to the set (Ashurta’s Blade). The entire set consists of the following peices.
    • Perucs Circlet
    • Asurta’s Blade
    • Zervanis Solitaire
    • Mukerak’s Orb
    • Letan’s Cord

Later the next day Eesha Narset recieves a letter from Gyd saying she no longer trusts Lady Dane, linking her to somone named Demise and “Why the Skullborn?” a extremeist Elven sect known for necromancy. Gyd plans on leaving town but wants to give our group her notes and Ashurta’s blade. Gyd asks the group to come over to her apartment later that night before she leaves town.

  • when the group arrives the door is to Gyd’s apartment is open. The team enters to find Lady Dane as some sort of undead creature. Dane says that Gyd has been obducted and begins to fight us.
    *We defeat Dane who appeared to be possesing someone else’s body so she is likely not dead. We collect Gyd notes and Ashurta’s blade and hop on a boat heading north to Luskin.

We land in the town of Luskin and purchase a Donkey with a kart and head north into the spine of the world.

  • As the group travels Kurxu takes the lead scouting and runs into a group from the Skullborn that are questioning and torturing a Goblin on the road. THings get heated and they engage in combat. The group fights them and ends up defeating them.
    • After Vegakin Dawncaller Katho-Oliano lays-on hands to bring the goblin back from the brink of death and some prying we find out he is a scout of the Word Bearers, on a mission heading south. His name is Govaan. he gives us his silver necklace to hopefully let us show we are allied with the Word bearers if we run into them.
  • The party continues down the road and runs into a pack of highway looters, amoungst them is a big scary Minotaur. They ask for a road toll of 200gp to let us pass. We refuse and FIGHT!!!!!

After the fight we loot them & their camp getting some good gear, and move on. The end of the session has us looking over the Looming Statues of the 6 Kings the land o the goblin tribes.



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