Quests of Toril

Session 3 Summary

Kurxu is able to rejoin the party and catches up to everyone.

The party enters a room with a couldron shaped like a hand at the center, it is filled with bubbling blood.

  • There are 4 doors in the room & 2 coffins that Eesha thinks are trapped.
  • Eesha preferes not the disturb the coffins.
  • Eesha uses her nose and smells the door that has the strongers Kuthrik smell, when they open the door the other 3 doors open and a Armored Hob goblin ghoul walks out from each door. The Couldron srapys blood all over the room and voices rumbles, saying we must prove ourselves.
    • We fight the goblin ghouls, the fight is tough but the team is able to defeat them

The team then recovers and moves on. The next room the team assumes it must be Ashurta’s tomb. There are statues in all 4 corners of hob goblin warriors, a sarcophogus. In the middle of the room there is a statue of saluting Goblin warriors and it says to pay homage to Ashurta and be judged.

  • Eesha pays homage the Ashurta by cutting her hand, dripping blood at the sarcophogus steps and stating they have proven their honor by defeating the ghoul warriors in the previous room
  • Amnon does the same, but lets Eesha do the talking
  • This is not enough for Ashurta, and because they entire party did not pay homage, they will all be punished.
  • The Hob goblin warrior statues in the corners awaken, and the Remains of Ashurta rise from the Sarcouphagus to fight the team.
  • This angers Eesha, having not defiled the tomb and paid her homage. She errupts with thunderous rage of Vulkar (blessing the team) and everyone begins fighting the tomb guardians.
    • the fight is very hard, but the team is able to defeat Ashurta and his warriors, Eesha almost dies in the battle
    • The team loots the room, Finds the Blade of Ashurta (which is given to Vegakin) a Tident of Fish Command (Given to Kurxu), a Nice + 2 Dagger (Given to Amnon) & A wand of … I forget.. given to Teddy.

Behind the sarcouphagus is a hole which leads down in the the Kuthrik hive that fills the sub level of the tomb.

  • After covering the hole with the coffin remains and a long rest the team starts a fire down the hole to smoke/burn the bugs out.
  • After some time the team sends teddy down (since he can hold his breath the longest) into the smokey hive with a roped tied to him.
  • Teddy razes the rest of the hive with his magic and kills the hive queen with burning hands. In the hive he finds 2 items
    • Googles of Night which he gives to Eesha (Found on a recently killed hob goblin, assumed to be one of Olaaki’s followers)
    • Helm of Intimidation which is given to Amnon (Found on a long dead hob goblin warrior, assumed to be a tomb guard

The team returns to the Tain Foundry triumphant

  • The meet with Molare and receive the for 50 gold of their reward
  • The team visits Olaaki and recieves the other 50 gold. They also tell olaaki about the tomb and what they found.
    • Olaaki thinks Ashurta is linked to the Kech Volaar (a ground of goblines from Icewind Dale). He also says we should speak with Gydd Neph at the unversity, she may know more.
    • The team meets with Gydd and says the Blade of Ashurta is part of the Ashen Crown set (There is more to this but I can’t honestly remember it all STEVE could you post that section to ellaborate?)
    • Gydd also wants to have the sword we found inspected to see if it is genuine.

The next steps for the team, once the sword is confirmed legit is to possibly go to Ice wind dale and meet with the Kech Volaar, to possible determine what the significance of the ashen crown is.

Everyone is now Level 3


I believe the wand Teddy received was known as the wand of… Rouge on a Stick.

Session 3 Summary

Yes, and dont forget the warmage wand and elven boots. you guys walked away with a few good items.

Session 3 Summary

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