Quests of Toril

Session 2 Summary

The Team meets with Olaakii & Molare (A Dwarf that holds a senior position at the Tain Foundry)

  • Olaaki reports that 6 goblinoid followers have gone missing in the past couple months
  • Molare reports The Tain foundry is also becoming infested with Kuthrik
  • The group is hired for 100 gold to find out what happened to the missing goblinoids
  • To start Eesha & Amnon go to the university to find map and get info on the underground beneath the foundry
    • Amnon & Eesha find an old utility map and spend the morning making a copy of it
  • The team meets up around lunch and begins weaving their way to the bottom of the foundry, they pass through a pressure sealed door and into the Waterdeep sewer system

The Team wanders deeper & deeper into the sewer system.

  • After a while the team comes across a broken wall which gives way to a catacomb not found on the map. The team begins to explore the catacomb
  • At the catacomb enterance there is a pile of freshly used goblin arrows
  • Further inside the team comes across a hall with a pile of skulls in the middle. The walls are covered in images of hoblin heroes and on the floor is an old goblin warbanner.
    • THE KUTHRIK ATTACK!! The team fends them off
    • THe team searches the room and finds a journal written by a member of the Kech Volaar (aka The Word Bearers). The Journal talks about Ashurta’s Tomb, The blade of Ashurta and how the goblins sought the blade. In addition there was a cryptic symbol etched in a piece of leather within the journal depicting a right hand and an arrow pointing down. Also a key was found in a rubble pile nearby.
    • A bit more description of Ashurta from the journal that they are a great hob goblin warrior, the Keep of the Blade of the Ashen Crown. A very badass person as “Hell Goes with him”. Ashurta as also the “Slayer of these weaklings”, hence the pile of skulls

The team uses the key to open the door continues exploring the tomb and they come to a room with panels on the floor depicting different words, the room also has a a fiend statue on one end and goblin hero statues on the other.

  • The floor panels are a puzzle and the team begins to piece togather clues to salve the riddle. 4 of the panels need to be depressed. Amnon, steps on the panel labeled “Hell” to see what happens.
  • Imps & Molten Rock Babies (Sorry I forgot their name) spawned and begin attacking the group!
  • The fight is difficult but the team defeats them.
  • After a bit more trial & error the team finds the code to be (Right Hand Down, like on the piece of journal leather, & open)
  • A secret passage opens behind the fiend statue but instead the team continues in down the normal door and will return to the secret passage later. They goal is still on the job they are getting paid for.

The Normal doored passage leads to a pit trap with a rolling boulder. The team struggles to get past but luckily very little blood is shred to get by it.

In the next room the team is confronted with 4 statues that appear to be radiating some sort of magical disipation fields. Its hard to interact with anything near the statues… like the Orge zombie and his zombie buddy’s who the team begins to fight.

  • Another tough fight ensues but the team is able to fell these foes.
  • After words the team takes a short rest to recover themselves.



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