Quests of Toril

Session 1 Summary

  • The Group all Meets in the Garden outside Morgrave University being summoned by Gydd the Master Study of Anthropology at the University.
  • Outside in the garden the group Meets Gydd and Introduces themselves
    “Teddy” Theodore Roosevelt: The Dwarven Captain with a knowledge in greater magics
    Amnon Nowhere: The Quiet & Chubby Tiefling who seems to have interest in some sort of darker mysticism
    Eesha Narset: The talktive over Eager Cleric from a small temple that almost nobody knows or cares about
    Kurxu Black Hands: A skilled half-orc sword swinger with a short patience
    Vegakin Dawncaller Katho-Oliano: The incredibly tall outlander who dilligently follows the ways of Tyr.
  • Gydd has brought the group together to gather 6 of the Giant Corpse Flowers the reside on an old battlefield 4 days ride east of Waterdeep. Gydd needs the flowers to use as offerings at a Goblin Festival she and her collegues wish to study, and attempt not to become offerings themselves
  • The Team rents a Wagon and 2 Mules foe the trip nearly backrupting them all. luckily Amnon was able to coax a little gold out of Gydd to help with the rental expenses.
  • On the first night on the road the team is woken by a Rating digging through their stuff, and then a Kobold attempting to steal an item from the Ratling.
  • Kurxu quickly gets fed up with the antics and a very once sided kobold massacre begins. After the battle 1 kobold is spared (Rash) along with the ratling (Mud). The other corpses are burned off to the side of the road
  • Mud had with him, a Magic dagger with Draconic writing on it that he said he stole from a local merchant. Mud was told he would come with us and help with the expedition but would be brought to the merchant to return the dagger he stole. The Kobold Rash was told he would come with us and help dig up the corpse flowers to pay penance for the previous nights happenings and then be let go.
  • The team arrives at the Corpse Flower field and each flower is Guarded by a skeleton. they proceed to kill off enough skeletons to clear an area they can work, and dig up 7 Corpse flowers. Amnon wanted an extra flower for his own uses, which he never explained, making him seem suspicious… at least in Eesha’s eyes.
  • The next day the team took a path to the merchant whom Mud had stolen the dagger from. Upon arriving at his small tower, the team engaged is combat with a giant spider that was attacking the merchant shop named Bob & Marley’s. The team quickly dispatches the spider.
  • Bob greets the team and thanks them for saving his life & returning the dagger. In turn he gives everyone a deep discount on a handful of potions and scrolls. Bob also introduces the team to Marley, a large eagle that acts as Bobs bussiness partner and guard.
  • The team continues on their journey back to Waterdeep and along the path near a shrine they meet another Fellow traveler…. Sirocco. SIrocco is on his way back to Waterdeep, and seemed like a nice enough person so the team allowed him to tag along in the back of the wagon.
  • Later on down the road, about 1 days travel from Waterdeep a wolf appears on the road in front of the wagon.

“Where there’s 1 wolf, there’s 30. They walk in a single file line to hide their numbers”
- Teddy

  • The wolves ambush the wagon and the team begins fighting them back with Sirocco’s help
  • Teddy takes a big wound from the battle and is stabilized so he didn’t bleed out.
  • Once at the gates of Waterdeep Sirocco and the team part ways and the team proceeds to Morgrave Univeristy where Gydd meets them.
  • Gydd is very thankful for their help and pays everyone a small reward. In addition Gydd asks if they will visit a contact of hers.
  • Olaakki is a hob-goblin cleric down in the south warf of Waterdeep and Gydd says he is in need of our help.

Everyone is now Level 2



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