Quests of Toril

Loot from the dead ambushers

So, they had a few things on their bodies:

2 linen blindfolds (unidentified, require attunement)
10 Executed Men’s Hoods (lightly used)
1 Spear
1 Blackened chainmail (unidentified)
A 40 ft chain with grapple
Gauntlets (mundane)
4 sets of iron cuffs.
Leather armor
Kusarigama +1 (Martial Melee Weapon, 2 separate ends of chain, 1d4 slashing for sickle end, 1d4 bludgeon for weighted end, must make as separate attacks, weapon has Finesse, Reach, and Two Handed properties)
A sling.
6 throwing knives
Butterfly knife in boot sheath
A kilo of opium
Hidden knife in belt buckle
A magical silver spoon (unidentified)
Circlet knife in arm-torc sheath
Poison (Save or as per ‘Slow’ spell)
Fishing line
A garrotte
Collected stolen wedding rings

The two attackers appear to be related, but you can’t tell much beyond that from just looking at them.


Crud, I think we found the spoon from the Church in town. If the Town & H’s cousin are the two end points, are we closer to town or His cousin?

I feel like returning the Spoon, since it fell into our lap is kinda important.. the town needs some sort of structure and the spoon may help.

… wtf…. a spoon?

Loot from the dead ambushers

Id rather not delay our mission more than a day or two if we return the spoon first. If anything, we can bring the spoon to them on our return trip. Those are my thoughts.

Loot from the dead ambushers

Vega appears to be unsettled that the group left a village that had just been destroyed by a flood; as well as dealing with internal conflict with the mercenaries as well as the cannibalistic group that has killed many of their people. And not to mention this witch that was mentioned a few times from the locals.

So if anything, Vegakin would prefer to make haste to the next town to deliver the goods to Aeche’s cousin as quickly as possible, and return back to town. OR, he would volunteer himself to go back and deliver the spoon to the church. (Vega does a religion roll to see if he knows anything about a church that has a spoon artifact) And to help out the town however he could, until the rest of the group arrived to assist.

Loot from the dead ambushers

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