Quests of Toril


After speaking with Olaakki and meeting with Professor Gydd Nephret, the team learns that the Ashen Crown is an artifact used to unite the goblin clans of ancient times in the Dhakaani region, along the Spine of the World mountains. These are the mountains that separate Icewind Dale from the rest of Faerun. The crown itself could be split into many parts, each held power and each was in possession of a great gobin champion. It is now just a legend that Olaakki uses to teach his flock…unless Ashurta’s blade(being a piece of the crown) is the real deal…
Gydd allows Vega to crash at her place for the evening so that she may examine the journal of the Kech Volaar and Ashurtas blade. She sees no indication that they are fake so she sends word to her colleague to set up a meeting. They will go through an authentication process and then summon the rest of the team to assess what to do next. Vega is given possession of the blade for safe keeping since the meeting will not occur for a few days yet.



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