Quests of Toril

Bug Hunt!

Posted on some recruiting boards around the Docks and South ward:

A few brave adventurers willing to clean out a Kruthik infestation below the metal-works. For details, see Foreman Molric Torranol in the Tain Foundry._

The Tain Foundry is located among the warehouses set between the south end of the docks and the slums of the South ward. This is but a few blocks away from the tiny church in which the hobgoblin Priest Olaakki resides. According to Gydd, some of Olaakki’s followers have gone missing. There may be a connection between the two events. If so, this could be the prelude to a devastating pestilence in Waterdeep…


Anyone role nature to see if they know more about the kruthik bug things?

Eesha is more then willing to help olaaki , it will make water deep and more specifically the docks (where she grew up) a safer place.

Bug Hunt!

Rolled 17 +3 for survival skill. Not sure if that will garner any knowledge on these kruthik bugs or not.

Vegakin hears how Eesha is more than willing to jump and help someone. A honorable trait, to be sure. Vegakin just was not so trusting get right away.

He spoke with members of the followers of Tyr, and they saw a certain something in Dawncaller to warrant giving him a bit of free reign. “Go out and do good in the name of Tyr.” The good that Eesha is wanting to do is different than what Vegakin wants to do. Hers is to make the docks safer. His is to kill what is making it unsafe. The end will still be the same, but the means to it…

Also, Vegakin is curious about this hobgoblin priest. He’s only heard of him before, and it never was anything bad. Everyone deserves a chance, even if they come from a line of creatures that have met the sharp edge of his sword.

Bug Hunt!

Would a Religion skill roll of 21 help me know more about the Sect/Diety Olaaki (the hob-goblin cleric) follows?

Also, what sort of reputation does Okaaki and his followers have down on the Warf?

Something interesting, there is no Local knowledge skill in D&D 5th edition. In 3.5 there was a huge selection of knowledge skills… Arcana, Acrhitecture, Dungeoneering, Geography, History, Local, Nature, Naobility, Religion, The Planes. Maybe its just considered part or your background… if you are from a place, then you know the local knowledge related items?

Bug Hunt!

It looks like knowledges got lumped into broad categories: History, Religion, Nature, Arcana, and investigation. These are all under the intelligence ability score. They are basically the only ones that arnt an “active” skill check. (ie, survival lets you forage for food and build a campfire.) further:

Other Inteligence Checks. The DM might call for an
Intelligence check when you try to accomplish tasks like
the following:
Communicate with a creature without using words
Estimate the value of a precious item
Pulltogether a disguise to pass as a city guard
Forge a document
Recalllore about a craft or trade
Win a game of skill

so id say history would give you area knowledge and investigate would give you current events in that area. -unless you can get specific, such as a religion check against Olaakki. that would make more sense than just history. But, a history check could also give a general sense of where the church came from, as far as waterdeep is concerned, if you arnt religious. It kind of depends on the angle of your question. Dont worry, you dont have to blanket spam all knowledge rolls at every point of the game to not miss anything important. there are specific rolls you will have to do(ill say when). any further investigation is for flavor or to add some clues that might help prepare you(?)

pick a relevant INT skill to the question you have and roll it. Ill get back you with answers soon.

Bug Hunt!

Rew, since you threw a decent survival check, which should have been a nature check, ill let you have advantage on the nature check for the Kruthik. one time offer, as we are hashing out these game rules.

Bug Hunt!

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